Gangs are by no means a rarity in either the State of California or the San Joaquin Valley.

It is rare, however, to see gang members of any stripe drop their guard and give a first-hand look to someone toting a camera around.

That is unless he happens to be a South Korean YouTuber.

In the case of Heechul Yoon, a popular Korean vlogger known by his channel name “Heechulism,” a fascination with Stockton native UFC stars Nate and Nick Diaz led him to visit their hometown.

Upon arrival, he came across Stockton’s perhaps better known attributes, as a city with a deep – if improving – history of crime and gangs.

He set out to connect and document the city’s toughest gangs, particularly of Cambodian descent, in the Louis Park neighborhood.

The visuals, candor, and findings proved to be fascinating.

Staff reports from The San Joaquin Valley Sun staff.