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Judge’s ruling pushes off Calif.’s impending bacon crisis

The animal welfare law targeted for pinching pork producers, which took effect on Jan. 1, has yet to be accompanied with final regulations. A California Judge delayed implementation.

Fresno to explore water, garbage rate increases

Higher garbage and water rates could soon be on their way to Fresno residents.

Fresno city manager Esqueda resigns amid shake-up of Dyer administration

The resignation comes amid reports of outbursts in closed door meetings, strained relations with Council members, and ethics complaints against the Dyer administration.

Calif. taxpayers begin picking up tab on local criminal fees

A 2020 law that brought an end to fees assessed on criminal arrestees and defendants is forcing state taxpayers to cover the cost for key elements of the local criminal justice system

State committee recommends repeal of three strikes law

Agriculture, View

Water, drought, and the supply chain crisis