Report: TJ Cox pocketed 35% of funds spent by PAC hoping to gin up Valley voter enthusiasm

Cox launched the PAC to raise funds for voter registration efforts in the Valley. According to the latest figures, most of the cash is headed to him directly.

A political action committee connected to former Rep. TJ Cox (D–Fresno) funneled 35 percent of its spending to a company wholly owned and operated by the one-term Congressman.

Cox, who has publicly said he is waiting until redistricting to decide if he will run for a third-straight time, converted his campaign committee to a group dubbed “VoterPAC” after his narrow defeat to Rep. David Valadao in November.


The PAC was designed to engage in “large scale voter registration” efforts in the San Joaquin Valley.

On Friday, VoterPAC submitted its latest fundraising totals for the second quarter of 2021.

The PAC raised $61,090.90 and spent $51,100.48 in the quarter, leaving Cox’s committee with $9,990.42 cash-on-hand.

$46,100.48 of expenditures were deemed “operating expenditures” by the Federal Elections Commission.

Of that sum, $16,502.50 – or 35 percent of all operational spending – was sent to a company named MJTJ, LLC for fundraising consulting.

According to the Secretary of State, MJTJ, LLC is a business wholly-owned and operated by Cox, initially founded in 2011.

According to a statement of information filed later in 2011, the business was founded for “real estate investment.”

Andrew Renteria, chief of staff and campaign manager for Valadao, joked that the revenues from the PAC may allay some of Cox’s longrunning tax and financial issues.

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