Measure E empowers the rich, eats Fresno County’s poor.

The Fresno State tax measure “is a tax on working poor to empower and enrich an elite few,” writes former Fresno Unified School Board President Brooke Ashjian.

Our Democracy is on the ballot. It’s disguised as Measure E.

While touted as a path to Fresno State’s prosperity, a closer look reveals it is a tax on our working poor to empower and enrich an elite few. 


Proponents claim Measure E will attract Fresno State enrollment, create jobs, and stimulate local commerce. If it did not come with strings, this all would be very exciting, and no one would oppose it. But there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The measure shifts tax burdens from the entire State of California directly to our County’s working poor.  In this County, we count as among the poorest in the entire Country. The increase disproportionately affects people who do not have money to run their own mega-million-dollar campaign advertisements in opposition.

So, who is behind the push to shift this colossal burden? Well, none other than the Fresno elite who stand to directly benefit from the plum Fresno State building and improvement contracts that will follow and those cush board seats their friends will sit on with the new oversight board. These people will not think twice that their sales taxes have been increased.

After all, they’re paying millions of dollars in advertising to convince you to vote in favor of more taxes. Why would they do that?

Well, these local elite want to shift the concentration of power from our elected legislature’s control over our State University directly to the hands of wealthy developers and their cronies. Don’t these unelected people have enough real power over local politics already? 

With this tax, the few paying to prop up Measure E stand to benefit the most. It’s not a surprise.

As we deliberate on the fate of Measure E, let us not forget a critical question: Why would any individual invest millions in a measure to raise your taxes?  What benefit could they possible derive?

The fragile balance of our democracy resides in our collective vigilance and voice.  Once these elites take power from you and our Legislature, do you think they will ever give it up? Together, we must safeguard our County and our beloved University.

No on Measure E! It’s a Tax and NO MORE TAXES!

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