Tangipa gets breathing room in second place for 8th Assembly District

It looked like anyone’s race for second place before a large number of ballots were reported from Fresno County.

Fresno County reported around 30,000 more ballots Tuesday afternoon, giving Republican David Tangipa a far greater buffer than he previously had in second place for Assembly District 8. 

Former Rep. George Radanovich (R–Mariposa) still leads the race and will advance to the November election. 


The big picture: Before the ballots dropped on Tuesday, Tangipa only had an 86-vote lead over Democrat Caleb Helsel. 

  • But come Tuesday, Tangipa’s lead over Helsel grew to 1,827 votes. 
  • Tangipa now has 31.2 percent of the vote while Helsel has 29.8 percent. 
  • Radanovich leads the pack at 36 percent and has a lead of nearly 6,000 votes over Tangipa, setting up what is on track for both Republicans to advance to November. 
  • Independent Michael Matheson trails far behind at three percent. 
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