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Newsom, GOP see same prize in recall: limitless cash

The Republican Party is creating a big-money vehicle forthe expected California recall election, the clearest indication yet that the national GOP is preparing to spend massive sums to oust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The Republican Governors Association has launched Recall Newsom! RGA Action, an entity that is allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of cash. Party officials say they envision it as a central hub into which major donors across the country will funnel their checks.

Top Republicans have already begun reaching out to big givers. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, the RGA chair, and Dave Rexrode, the organization’s executive director, held a call Wednesday eveningwith major donors to discuss the recall. Nearly a dozen of the party’s top California-based bundlers were present on the call.

One day into his recall defense campaign, Newsom’s campaign team announced a $538,000 haul to Politico – largely generated from small dollar donors across the country.

Democrats organized a similar organization – Stop the Republican Recall – with the same ability to raise unlimited sums from donors.

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Alex Tavlian is the Executive Editor of The San Joaquin Valley Sun and Executive Director of Valley Future Foundation. You can reach Alex at