Newsom incurs Calif. reporters’ wrath, grants rare recall interview to national magazine

“Let’s call it like it is: the governor has very little interest in speaking to the news outlets whose primary audience… are his constituents,” one Sacramento news chief said.

As he counts down the days to a close recall election, it seems Gov. Gavin Newsom is struggling to quit a few habits.

One of them? Ditching California reporters for national publicity, even on local topics.

That habit came back to light Friday when The Atlantic published a rare interview with Newsom on the recall, sparking en masse blowback from California’s Capitol beat reporters.

In the interview with The Atlantic, Newsom acknowledges the distinct possibility that he could lose the recall election.

When I met with Newsom, he was taking the polls seriously. ‘I’m now feeling the weight of this decision, and a weight of responsibility to defeat this, and also the responsibility that if we fall short, I’m going to own that,’ he said. He mentioned to me some of his recent initiatives, including the injection of billions of dollars of federal relief money into the state budget and signing a bill to expand health care to undocumented workers. ‘If I do fall short, I’ll regret every damn one of those decisions. And I don’t want to have any regrets for putting everything out there and doing … what I think is right and what I think is in the best interest of California.'”

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