California Recall

Latinos, independents offer opening on Newsom recall, GOP poll says

Californians are evenly split on the question to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, a new poll from the California Republican Party finds.

However, the poll points to some vulnerabilities for the 40th Governor.

The survey, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, finds that 20 percent – or one in five – registered Democrats surveyed would vote to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom on a special election ballot.

It also notes that voters registered with no party preference, often referred to as “independent” voters, favored recalling Newsom by a 12-point margin.

The poll also confirms earlier survey findings that California’s Latino voters are still discontented with Newsom. McLaughlin reports 49 percent of surveyed Latino voters are voting yes to recall Newsom, compared to 39 percent voting against it.

Spanish speakers broke even more heavily against Newsom, with 53 percent saying they would vote to remove him.

The survey also cites testing on the general climate in the Golden State as being fertile ground to capitalize in the recall effort, with half of Californians finding the state to be on the wrong track, and 52 percent of surveyed residents believing Newsom to be making politically-motivated decisions to save his job amid the recall pressure.

Here’s a look at the polling memo

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