6 areas Mayor Lee Brand hopes to collaborate with the County of Fresno

Brand and City leaders have their first powwow (of many) with County leaders on April 6 to begin reconciling longstanding icy relations.




City Hall deals with the social order challenges of the homeless. The county deals with the social welfare challenges of the homeless.

“We need to work together on things like housing and health services,” Brand said. “What I learned in my eight years on the council, and more so here in my early days as mayor, is collaboration solves a lot of problems.”

There’s probably no such thing as the perfect solution to the homelessness challenge, Brand said.

But, he added, “we have to try. It’s the moral thing to do. And it’s something that affects everyone in the city of Fresno. We owe it to ourselves to work together and see if we can find a way to house more people and get treatment for those people who want it. As to those people who are committing crimes, like breaking into houses and cars, we need to get them off the streets.”

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