Malos, "Connect with Me" on hiatus at Ventura Broadcasting


There’s some uncertainty on the local political TV scene: John Malos’ daily one-hour show on Fresno and regional government affairs is temporarily off the air.


Whether the absence is permanent remains to be seen, Malos told me Friday morning.

“I’m on a hiatus,” Malos said by phone.

Malos is host/producer of “Connect With Me,” which runs from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. The show is part of Ventura Broadcast Company. “Connect With Me” is televised live from a set at the Ventura TV-Video-Appliance Center on Ventura Avenue in Southeast Fresno.

I was slated to be on Monday’s show along with GVWire editor/reporter David Taub. The big topic was to be Taub’s recent reporting on state and national water legislation.

Such lawmaking inevitably affects Fresno City Hall and the Valley.

Malos told me that he has few details on the decision behind the “hiatus.” He said there probably would be reruns for a week or two. He said he would get back to Taub and myself.

Malos has more than 40 years experience in broadcast journalism. His “Connect With Me” program has attracted some of the region’s most powerful public officials. Fresno Mayor Lee Brand recently appeared on the show.

I’ve been on “Connect With Me” several times. Malos is a gracious host. When he asks tough questions, he does so in a professional and respectful manner.

Screenshot courtesy Ventura Broadcasting Company

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