Romney chides Newsom’s multi-billion-dollar spending spree

California’s eye-popping surplus gave Capitol Hill Republicans another axe to grind over President Biden’s coronavirus relief, starting with Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah).

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a week-long public relations blitz as he prepares to unveil his May revision to his annual budget.

The tip of the spear? A $12 billion stimulus proposal, incorrectly labelled as a tax rebate, to give Californians earning less than $75,000 annually a one-time payment of $600.


The move came as Newsom announced the Golden State had amassed a $75.7 billion surplus, of which $38 billion has been tabbed as available for discretionary spending.

The eye-popping figure didn’t go unnoticed in Washington, where Congressional Republicans argued that President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan coronavirus relief package served as a bail-out of “poorly-run states and municipalities.”

Monday afternoon, Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah) chimed in on California’s cash-rich announcement.

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