Faraday Future at-risk of being delisted from Nasdaq

The luxury electric vehicle manufacturer is practically worthless on the stock market just a few years after opening.

Faraday Future, the luxury electric vehicle company that has a manufacturing plant in Hanford, could soon be delisted from the Nasdaq exchange. 

The big picture: Last week Nasdaq sent a notice to Faraday Future over the company’s failure to comply with listing rules that require a minimum closing share price of $1. 


  • As of publication on Thursday, Faraday Future’s stock was at $0.18. 
  • That’s half of where it stood one month ago, when it closed at $0.36 on Dec. 4, 2023. 
  • Faraday Future has struggled on the stock market for the past couple years. 
  • The company opened on Sep. 4, 2020 at a price of $779.20. The stock shot up to a peak of $1,476 on Jan, 29, 2021, the highest it would ever go. 
  • Faraday Future’s stock has not been worth more than $1 since early November of last year. 

What we’re watching: Faraday Future must lift its stock price by over $1 dollar for at least 10 consecutive days by June 25 to be in compliance with the Nasdaq exchange. 

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