The last straw? Calif. law forces Starbucks customers to ask for straws, utensils

Want a straw with your latte? Be prepared to ask for it.

Starbucks across California will not automatically give customers straws, cutlery or splash sticks unless the customer asks for it, according to an announcement made by the coffee retailer this week.

The new rule will be in place for both drive-thru and inside the stores. It is part of state-wide efforts to reduce the amount of plastic thrown away.

In an email to customers, Starbucks cites California law as the reason why baristas will only provide single-use serveware when requested. The new policy begins June 1.

The law cited by Starbucks relates to an Assembly Bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in October. AB1276 stops any location serving food from providing “any single-use foodware accessory or standard condiment” – unless requested.

If a facility is found to be breaking the law, its first and second violation will result in receiving a notice. Any violation of the law after that could result in a fine of $25 each day the law is being broken – up to a maximum of $300.

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