Pierce Brosnan to appear in court over Yellowstone trespassing allegations

The former James Bond actor allegedly trespassed in a dangerous thermal area of Yellowstone.

Actor Pierce Brosnan has been charged with trespassing in a thermal area while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Driving the news: Brosnan allegedly walked in an off-limits area called Mammoth Terraces on Nov. 1, near the Wyoming-Montana line.


  • Two federal citations were issued to Brosnan for his actions.
  • The former James Bond actor is scheduled for a mandatory court appearance on Jan. 23 in the courtroom of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Brosnan was on a personal visit to the park and not for film work.
  • Mammoth Terraces is a scenic area with mineral-encrusted hot springs, one of the park’s many thermal features.
  • Straying off the designated trails in these areas can be dangerous, with visitors risking severe burns. 
  • Trespassing in Yellowstone can result in legal consequences including jail time, fines, and bans from the park.
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