Marianne Williamson suspends campaign for president

Williamson faced a long-shot campaign to oust President Biden from office.

Marianne Williamson has announced the suspension of her presidential campaign.

Williamson had placed third in the Nevada primary, receiving only 3% of the vote, behind President Joe Biden and the option “none of these candidates.”


Driving the news: Her campaign has been struggling with momentum and resources since the primary season started. 

  • Although Williamson finished ahead of challenger Dean Philips in the South Carolina Democratic primary, she faced challenges in gaining traction.
  • Williamson had launched her 2024 White House bid in February 2023, becoming the first person to challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination.
  • Despite investing significantly in New Hampshire and participating in numerous events, she received only about 4% of the vote.
  • Recent Federal Election Commission filings show that Williamson’s campaign ended the year with substantial debts.
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