Biden signs temporary government funding bill to avoid shutdown

The bill pushes the major negotiations for government spending to next year.

President Joe Biden has signed a temporary spending bill to prevent a government shutdown, pushing the budget fight into the new year.

The big picture: The bill ensures that the government will remain open until after the holiday season, giving lawmakers more time to resolve differences over government spending levels.


  • The spending package keeps funding at current levels for approximately two more months, with different deadlines for passing full-year appropriations bills for different federal agencies.
  • The two-step approach was championed by House Speaker Mike Johnson and supported by most Democrats and Republicans to avoid a government shutdown.
  • The bill does not include the White House’s request for nearly $106 billion in wartime aid for Israel and Ukraine, or funding for humanitarian assistance to Palestinians and other supplemental requests.
  • Lawmakers are expected to address these requests after the Thanksgiving holiday in hopes of negotiating a deal.
  • The bill was signed by President Biden in San Francisco during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
  • The signing of the bill came late at night, and the president signed it at the Legion of Honor Museum where he held a dinner for APEC members.
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