Jerry West, Lakers legend, NBA logo silhouette, dead at 86

A key architect of the “Showtime” era Lakers and arguably one of the greatest players in NBA history passed at the age of 86.

Jerry West, the iconic Lakers player, coach, and general manager known for his contributions to the “Showtime” era, has passed away at the age of 86.

The backstory: Regarded as one of the greatest NBA players, West was known for his remarkable skills and dedication to the game.


  • During his tenure as a coach and general manager, West led the Lakers to numerous successes, including multiple NBA championships.
  • Despite his impressive achievements, West was known for his self-critical nature and constant pursuit of perfection.
  • West’s early life in a coal-mining town in West Virginia was marked by hardships, including family struggles and personal challenges.
  • West’s competitive spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence earned him admiration and respect throughout the basketball community.
  • His passing marks the end of an era for Lakers fans and the NBA community, who remember him as a basketball icon and a true legend in the sport.
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