Fresno State’s athletic revenue above average in the Mountain West

While Fresno State is not the top-earning school in the conference, the Bulldogs brought in more money than Boise State.

Fresno State ranks in the upper half of the Mountain West in total athletic revenue, although the university is tens of millions of dollars off from schools in Power 5 conferences.

USA Today compiled a list of all publicly available revenue and expense numbers for universities across the nation over the 2022 fiscal year. 


Within the Mountain West: With revenue of $54 million, Fresno State is pulling in the fifth most amount of money in the Mountain West. 

  • Air Force ranks first at $76.5 million, followed by San Diego State at $65 million, UNLV at $64 million and Colorado State at $61 million. 
  • Notably, Boise State ranks one spot below the Bulldogs, pulling in $50.5 million in revenue. 
  • San Jose State is the lowest revenue grossing team in the conference at $39 million. 

Fresno state’s place nationally: Overall, Fresno State ranks at No. 65 nationally with its revenue, although that number is certainly several spots lower when accounting for private schools like USC, Stanford and Notre Dame, whose revenue numbers are not publicly available. 

  • Fresno State has been tied to the Big 12 in recent months as the conference is exploring its options to expand, possibly to California. Kansas State is last in the conference with $100.8 million in revenue, although TCU and Baylor are private schools and are not reflected in the list. 
  • The closest Power 5 schools to Fresno State’s revenue numbers reside in the Pac 12. Washington State and Oregon State respectively rank 53rd and 54th nationally with around $85 million in revenue. 
  • Cincinnati and Houston follow closely behind the two Pac-12 schools, but their revenue numbers reflect their last season in the American Athletic Conference before they make the jump to the Big 12 this year. 
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