Fresno St. contract with Walberg includes an out for health issues

Walberg also has an opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses if more fans attend games at the Save Mart Center.

Vance Walberg’s contract with Fresno State to take over as head coach of the men’s basketball team includes terms to effectively cancel it if he has serious health issues that prevent him from coaching. 

While Walberg, 67, does not have any health issues known publicly, Fresno State has had health-related incidents in the past with football coach Jeff Tedford. 


The big picture: As first reported by McClatchy, Walberg’s three year contract includes options for two more years. 

  • Per the contract, Fresno State President Saul Jimenez-Sandoval has the sole say in potential fourth and fifth years for Walberg. 
  • Walberg will earn $595,000 for the first year of his contract, $608,000 for the second and $622,000 for the third. 
  • That is higher than what former coach Justin Hutson was paid. Hutson earned $550,000 in his sixth and final season with the university. 

Go deeper: The contract also includes a clause that if Walberg is unable to perform his duties due to his health, the university shall consider him to have resigned. 

  • If that happens, Fresno State will not owe Walberg another dime. 
  • Such a situation could be comparable to what happened with Tedford, who missed the bowl game last year for health reasons. 
  • Further details of Walberg’s contract include that he would only be owed 50 percent of his salary if he is fired during the third year, with the percent dropping to 30 percent for the fourth and fifth years, if those options are exercised. 
  • Walberg will also be paid a $25,000 bonus for a 935 score in the team’s NCAA Academic Progress Rate and $35,000 for a 950 score. 
  • Fan attendance can also earn Walberg more money, with a $25,000 bonus for 100,000 tickets sold at the Save Mart Center, $35,000 for 125,000 tickets, $45,000 for 150,000 tickets and 55,000 for 175,000 tickets. That ranges from 6,250 tickets per game to nearly 11,000 tickets per game, based on a 16-game home schedule. 
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