With 60 days to election day, Rep. Devin Nunes (R–Tulare) still hasn’t uttered the name of his opponent on television.

Instead, his barrage of television advertising – eclipsing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign spending – has turned to another set of issues on the Nov. 3 ballot: a ballot initiative.

Two new ads hitting Valley airwaves on Thursday from Nunes are highlighting the hangover effect of a pair of California decriminalization measures – 2014’s Proposition 47 and 2016’s Proposition 57.

Prop. 47 notoriously reclassified a bevy of felonies – deemed to be “nonviolent offenses” – as misdemeanors, allowing for a wave of early releases from California corrections facilities.

Prop. 57, meanwhile, opened the door for parole to be considered for nonviolent felons incarcerated in California prisons.

Take a look at the other ad:

Staff reports from The San Joaquin Valley Sun staff.