Katie Porter’s Senate ambitions collide with hot temper, ‘hot potato’ incident

The fiery progressive lawmaker is being confronted with a wide array of reports of anger issues at work and home during her bid to succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Rep. Katie Porter’s (D–Irvine) campaign to win Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat in the U.S. Senate is coming under assault over renewed interest in Porter’s alleged anger issues.

A report on Wednesday detailed a bevy of accusations alleging Porter – a fiery progressive – is known to fly off the handle, berate staff, and physically assault her ex-husband.


Divorce driving the news: A report from The Daily Mail details a bevy of instances in which Porter’s anger issues have flared up on Capitol Hill and back home in Southern California.

  • In March 2013, Porter and her then-husband, Matthew Hoffman, divorced but opted to continue living together for the sake of their three children.
  • During the cohabitation, their relationship deteriorated – with Porter and Hoffman filing restraining orders against each other and alleging abuse.
  • In divorce filings, Hoffman alleged Porter dumped a bowl of steaming hot boiled potatoes on his head.
  • Hoffman insisted that Porter was prone to ‘extreme anger’ and had a ‘history of snapping and screaming at [him] and the children,’ and would ‘claw and scratch her arms’ while blaming him for the markings.
  • Hoffman said Porter frequently said things like ‘you f***ing idiot!’ and ‘you’re f***ing incompetent.’ ‘She would not let me have a cell phone because she said, ‘you’re too f***ing dumb to operate it,” Hoffman said.

S—t-talking her own staff: In 2022, a thread of text messages emerged in which Porter implicitly fired a veteran and Wounded Warrior legislative fellow, alleging that the woman – Sasha Georgiades “gave me Covid.”

  • Georgiades would later describe the Irvine lawmaker as “very dismissive” and “short-tempered.”
  • The incident with Georgiades prompted a wave of anonymous complaints against Porter via viral Capitol Hill social media account dubbed “Dear White Staffers.”
  • Commenters alleged that Porter would say “rude/racist things” while attempting to “mask it as edgy humor.”
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