Could Devin Nunes return to Capitol Hill? He breaks his silence.

The Truth Social CEO addressed rumors of a potential McCarthy retirement on an upcoming episode of Sunrise FM.

Will former Rep. Devin Nunes (R–Tulare) run for former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R–Bakersfield) seat if he retires? 

In an upcoming appearance on Sunrise FM, the Truth Social CEO and former House Intelligence Committee Chairman spoke to The Sun about growing rumblings on Capitol Hill, among other topics.


The big picture: With speculation abound that McCarthy will not seek a 10th term in office, Nunes has been one of the high-profile names being floated by Washington insiders over the past week. 

  • Nunes has long served as McCarthy’s next-door neighbor. The pair hold former House Ways and Means Chair Bill Thomas (R-Bakersfield) as a political mentor.

What he’s saying: Nunes, speaking on Sun’s podcast, said that he will continue to assume that McCarthy is running for reelection until he hears otherwise. 

  • “As far as it goes for him – whether or not he’s going to stay or not – look, until he calls me or he speaks or he says something, I’m just assuming that he’s running, that he’s going to run again,” Nunes said. “And I’m not going to do or say anything that would prohibit that. I’d be glad to support him if he wants to continue to run, and we’ll leave it at that.” 
  • Nunes, who is a close friend to McCarthy, called the former speaker the best political operative he has ever worked with. 
  • Nunes said he views political candidates and elected officials in three ways: the political component for campaigning, recruiting candidates and fundraising; the public speaking part; and the policy part. 
  • “Kevin was really good in all three, but on the political side he’s the best – the best I ever worked with,” Nunes said. “And so I think the Republican Party nationally is losing that capability, which is unfortunate, I think, for the party.”
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