Thieves steal luggage from Adam Schiff in San Francisco

Schiff was on his way to a campaign event and had to attend in a hiking vest.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D–Burbank) had his luggage stolen from a car in San Francisco on Thursday. 

That left him without his suit and tie for a major fundraising event, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle. 


Driving the news: The thieves broke into Schiff’s vehicle, which was parked in a downtown San Francisco parking garage for several days while he was on campaign business in the area.

  • The stolen items included his luggage, leaving him without formalwear for a major campaign event.
  • Despite the incident, Schiff attended the event in his shirt sleeves and a hiking vest, while others were dressed in suits.
  • The incident occurred despite the advice given to Schiff not to leave anything in his car, but he was in a hurry and didn’t want to be late, according to the Chronicle.
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