Pro-Palestine protesters crash UC Merced after commencement ceremony

Protesters from a Hamas-linked activist group have set up camp at UC Merced to protest the university system’s investments in Israel.

A new encampment of protesters seeking to draw attention to the Israel-Hamas conflict sprung up on the campus of the University of California, Merced on Sunday following the university’s commencement ceremony on Sunday.

The move by protesters affiliated with the Hamas-linked Students for Justice in Palestine organization comes as the University of California Regents are set to hold their next meeting at the newest UC campus.


What they’re saying: The university announced the encampment’s launch on Sunday afternoon, noting that protests began following the university’s commencement ceremony near a family staging area for post-ceremony celebrations.

  • Protesters have set up tents for an encampment, violating UC Merced campus policy, the college said in a statement.
  • Protesters with the activist group have focused their call-to-action on the upcoming Regents meeting, continuing a call for divestment by the UC System from Israel.
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