10 workers at Los Banos clinic acquired coronavirus

While workers begin quarantine, the clinic has closed down all operations to allow for sanitation and disinfection of the premises.

Ten healthcare workers at a Los Banos clinic tested positive for coronavirus, the Merced County Department of Public Health announced on Thursday.

The 10 workers worked at the Sutter Health Rural Health Clinic. Remaining staff at the clinic along with Merced County public health officials are currently working to identify potential contacts those staff members had.


In the interim, the Clinic is closed to allow for disinfection.

“I would very much like to applaud the cooperation of Sutter Health and this facility with the Merced County Public Health Department in their efforts to slow the spread of this illness by assisting in the identifying and contacting all those possibly exposed and in bringing their health care facility back online rapidly and safely,” County Health Officer Dr. Kenneth Bird said.

The workers have been ordered to quarantine at home.

Any patients who visited the clinic between March 29 and April 8 that experience coronavirus symptoms are instructed to call their physician.

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