Riverstone, Madera Co. boomtown, preps $25mil water treatment plant to accommodate growth

A sizable investment in water infrastructure arrives as the Riverstone development begins another wave of expansion in southern Madera County.

Riverstone is getting a new water treatment facility as the southern Madera County region prepares for continued expansion of housing growth. 

The Madera County community off of Highway 41 should have its new treatment plant in place by the end of 2025. 


The big picture: Madera County Supervisor Jordan Wamhoff recently held a town hall meeting with Root Creek Water District, which oversees the area, to discuss a fleeting issue of water discoloration – a common symptom of new development.

  • “The reason why, there’s discolored water is because there are minerals in the water, iron and manganese, and when those mix with chlorine, and they sit sometimes sometimes the water does and new developments, because there’s not a lot of circulation in certain areas, it can actually discolor the water,” Wamhoff told ABC 30. 
  • Root Creek General Manager Julia Stornetta told ABC 30 that the district is building a $25 million treatment facility, which should be completed by the end of 2025. 
  • In the meantime, Stornetta said the district is aware of the problem and is offering to help each homeowner on an individual basis. 
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