Retail theft hits Hanford JCPenney

Officers recovered over $1,500 worth of stolen jeans.

Hanford’s JCPenney was hit with significant retail theft over the weekend. 

The Hanford Police Department said Monday that thieves took over $1,500 worth of clothes from the department store on Sunday. 


The big picture: Hanford police officers responded to a call that three male suspects had run out of the stores with a large stack of stolen jeans. 

  • Officers found the three suspects hiding  behind a business with the jeans. 
  • All three suspects ran, and police apprehended one of the suspects, Jorge Garcia, 18, of Visalia. 
  • Garcia was booked into Kings County Jail on grand theft and conspiracy to commit a felony crime. 
  • While police recovered over $1,500 in stolen merchandise, the other two suspects are still outstanding as of publication on Monday. 
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