Ex-Hanford councilman Brieno threatens suit over exit

Former Hanford councilman Art Brieno is threatening a suit as Hanford wades through a $1.25 million claim that harrassed a top-ranking city official.

While the City of Hanford wades through a $1.25 million claim for damages over alleged harassment and hostile work environment created by now-resigned Councilman Art Brieno, it appears he’s not done with the city either.

Thursday, the City Council scheduled a special meeting for Friday evening to review “threatened litigation” made by Brieno.


“On February 3, 2021, a threat of litigation against the City of Hanford (City) was made to City Attorney Ty Mizote during a phone conversation with attorneys for Arthur Brieno,” the agenda report said. “Mr. Brieno’s attorneys allege that the City caused Mr. Brieno to suffer damages.”

On Jan. 6, Hanford Community Development Director Darlene Mata filed a claim against the City alleging that she was subjected to continued harassment from Brieno over the last year. 

Following the claim, the city commissioned an independent investigation into the allegations. 

As part of the claim, Mata demanded Brieno resign from his post and that the city pay damages in the amount of $1.25 million.

This story will be updated.

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