Start lining up! Fresno State’s famous corn goes on sale Monday

For a subset of Fresnans, the tagline “A tradition unlike any other” applies to the first sale of Fresno State sweet corn, not the Masters Tournament.

The Master’s Tournament may be dubbed “a tradition unlike any other,” but for a subset of the Fresno-Clovis metropolitan population, that tagline could also apply to an annual “Run on the Corn” at Fresno State’s Gibson Farm Market.

The university, which grows its own variety of corn on the university farm, announced that sales of the corn – which draw a sizable cast of characters seeking to pick up the first batch – will kick off on Memorial Day.


Fresno State grows two varieties of sweet corn: white and yellow. The white variety is hitting shelves on Monday, with yellow ears of corn arriving later in June.

The pricing at the Gibson Market is simple: an ear for 50 cents or a 10-ear bag for $7.

But market officials announced that, for the first weekend, there will be a limit of 24 individual ears or two 10-ear bags.

The Gibson Farm Market, located at 5368 N Chestnut Ave., is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days per week.

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