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Fresno stares down standoff with MLB over fate of minor league baseball

It’s Single-A ball or nothing for the Fresno Grizzlies, Major League Baseball has told the city.

On Saturday, the Fresno City Council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the matter in closed session.

In a letter sent to city officials, MLB Deputy Commissioner Daniel Halem said the Fresno franchise will no longer be a Triple-A team, and if they don’t accept an assignment to Single-A and drop any threatened litigation, there will be no affiliated team at all.

“Because communications with the Grizzlies and City of Fresno have indicated they have no interest in operating a Single-A affiliate, we do not currently intend to offer any affiliation to the Grizzlies or Fresno. If, however, you inform us by no later than Monday, November 30, that the Grizzlies and Fresno will accept a Single-A affiliation and will agree to release any legal claims they believe they may have against MLB or any of its Clubs concerning the decision not to offer a Triple-A affiliation, we will gladly reconsider,” Halem the baseball executive in charge of the reorganization of the minor leagues, wrote.

The City Council is expected to schedule an emergency meeting to discuss the matter, sources say.

Mayor-elect Jerry Dyer vows that the Grizzlies will be playing in 2021 as an affiliated team.

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