Lingering questions after City Attorney exposes Bonusgate

Fresno City Hall’s top lawyer exposed Bonusgate. Now, questions are focusing on him, George Hostetter writes.


Third, there is Council Member Brand’s news conference this week.


These things usually occur in City’s Hall’s second-floor media room. Reporters and cameras stretch wall-to-wall on the room’s west side. The political stars line up along the east side, with a podium and microphone the center of attention.

Sloan almost always shows up, just in case questions of law arise. And almost always, he sits in a chair off to one side. He’s there, but out of camera range.

One of the questions I posed to several council members last week after Ellis broke the Bonusgate story was whether the council might consider a vote of “no confidence” in the mayor.

The council members thought not.

Perhaps a similar question should be posed at Brand’s news conference.

“Council Member Brand, look at this mess. Is the council considering a vote of no confidence in the City Attorney?”

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