Lingering questions after City Attorney exposes Bonusgate

Fresno City Hall’s top lawyer exposed Bonusgate. Now, questions are focusing on him, George Hostetter writes.


As you may recall, all seven council members were outraged on Thursday when Ellis broke news of the bonuses.


Council members were angry about the size of the bonuses. For example, Rudd over three years totaled more than $100,000 in bonuses and deferred compensation.

Council members were angry because the Transparency Act said they were supposed to be updated annually on the top executives’ compensation packages – but the updates had stopped long ago.

Council members were angry because they viewed Rudd’s rejection of Sloan’s inquiries about bonuses in the City Attorney’s Office as usurping the council’s authority. Per the City Charter, the fate of the city attorney (and, by extension, personnel matters in the City Attorney’s Office) belongs solely to the council.

In other words, the anger of council members on Thursday was all over the place.

Google “Transparency In City Government” and “Fresno.” Read the act yourself. The necessary legal teeth are already there.

All that’s missing is execution. Which is another name for competence.

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