In wake of Paris, Fresno P.D. rolls out big data to fight crime

In the wake of Paris attacks, Fresno Police roll out a big data system to fight crime in the city.


The workshop appeared headed to an end.


Dyer said he would see if it’s OK for Fresnans to call the department and find out the threat-level color for their home or business.

Brandau asked the Chief to speak to Intrado folks about its Beware formula: Social media statements are legitimate fodder for Beware; online buying patterns are off limits.

Baines suggested that a person who disagreed with her threat-level color should be able to add clarifying information to the Beware analysis.

Everyone said officer safety is a paramount issue.

Then Council Member Clint Olivier spoke.

“Could you run my threat level now if I give you my address?” Olivier said. He added with a smile, “I come from the libertarian wing of the council.”

One thing led to another, and pretty soon Olivier in open session got his answer.

“Your address comes up yellow,” Casto said. “You come up green.”

Beware, the council learned, covers a seven-year period at an address. The most serious threat-level color sticks, even though the person who “earned” that color may have moved long ago.

Olivier was not happy.

“When you guys are riding up, my address is a yellow address,” Olivier said. “So, even though it’s not me who is the yellow guy, your officers are going to treat whoever comes out of that house in his boxer shorts as the yellow guy.

“And that not may be fair to me because I’m the green guy.”

Olivier said such confusion is unacceptable. He said Beware “has failed right here – with the council member as an example.”

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