The Guillermo Moreno Show has ended

CVObserver Editor-in-Chief Guillermo Moreno’s radio show on PowerTalk 96.7 has come to an end.

Guillermo called me Monday evening with the news. He said he and Power Talk officials had different visions for the future of conservative talk radio. He left it at that.


Guillermo, ever the gentleman, isn’t one to burn bridges. He was generous in his parting thoughts to that most important power player of all – the consumer.

I want to personally thank the listeners who invited me into their homes and vehicles for the past 18 months where I was able to report the news and deliver my opinion,”

Guillermo told me.

“I’m humbled by the nightly response and success of the show. 

“Working full-time, owning a business, editing this great publication and delivering a two-hour nightly program has been stressful, but worth every second.

“I will miss the conversations I had with the Central Valley, but I look forward to the many conversations I will be able to have with my wife and family around the dinner table at 6:00 p.m. 

“I will continue to give my insight on the political world on the web pages of CVObserver and some type of talk format in the future, tune in.”

Guillermo in his PowerTalk biography wrote that he is a “Latino millennial born and raised in the Central Valley.” He described his daily life in this great nation as “living the dream.” He is a 2010 graduate of Michigan State Law School.

I remember Guillermo’s PowerTalk show leading up to the New Student Union referendum at Fresno State. A similar referendum in 2017 had failed. This second bite at the apple was of immense importance to university officials, in particular President Dr. Joseph Castro.

Fresno State students in March agreed to impose a student fee to fund construction of the New Student Union by a 2-to-1 margin. Fresno State’s built environment within five years will be dramatically different.

It’s fair to say it’ll be much improved. I like to think Guillermo deserves some of the credit.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed Guillermo’s laid-back style and gracious manner. His show was my favorite because he brought a different attitude to the programming line-up. I believe PowerTalk 96.7 and Guillermo’s listeners will be missing his unique perspective on conservative talk radio. Much luck to him. I hope his future endeavors will be very successful.

  2. I knew something was up!! Definitely their loss. When will program managers stop turning a tin ear to the listeners? How long before they go all national or risk complete format change? I will have to check out your newsletter for your next radio adventure because I’m completely off Facebook.

  3. Absolute BS! Guillermo is exactly with the Central Valley and the Nation needs. Honesty! I’ve only been listening for the past few months, he’s a breath of fresh air. Whatever brought his show to an end is disgraceful, unless it was his own choice. There is so much BS (they call it fake news, it’s BS) with today’s news/media that I’ve given most of it up as a result of no accountability for the lack of fact checking and use of common sense. Guillermo delivers both! Just a fact, I’m not a republican or democrat as I don’t believe in lying to make a living. Honestly, I never realized it was an occupation. Guillermo, I wish you much success with your future endeavors!

  4. Could it be that PowerTalk isn’t as conservative as they would like you to believe? Guillermo was an excellent host and it puzzles me what kind of differences led to his dismissal.

  5. Guillermo brought the same or similar tow line as Trevor. PowerTalk needed something different to attract ads. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to Guillermo for his slightly different opinion but the Valley Conservatives are an odd bunch compared to the national movement. Ex: anti-business and more regulations on top of the already mind boggling state and county regulations. Wish Guillermo the best in the future. Maybe city council or county supervisor in the works?

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