Fresno seeks to expedite process to revoke massage parlor licenses

Fresno City Council is looking to change how it revokes massage parlor registration certificates. 

On Thursday, the council will vote on changes to the Massage Business Ordinance which are designed to clarify and increase the efficiency in the process of revoking certificates. 


City staff backs the amendments and recommends that the council pass them. 

The city is seeking to amend the ordinance with two changes. 

First, the ordinance will be amended to clarify the timelines governing suspension or revocation of certificates shall run five days from the date of mailing or personal delivery of the notice of violation. 

The current rule marks the suspension or revocation effective five days after receipt of the notice. 

The second proposed amendment makes it so the hearing before the City Manager is a hearing based solely on the appellant’s written submission without oral argument. 

There are currently no rules in place regarding written or oral arguments. 

In a report submitted to City Council, city staff says the appeal changes will expedite the process for both the massage parlors and the City Manager’s Office. 

Under the changes, appellants keep the right to appeal the City Manager’s decision to the Administrative Hearing Officer for an in-person hearing.

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