Clovis auto dealer sentenced to Federal prison for bank fraud

The former auto dealer will spend years in prison after defrauding banks upwards of $2 million.

A former Clovis auto dealer was recently sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. 

U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced the sentencing last week. 


The backstory: Scott Radtke, 60, owned Clovis car dealership California Motoring Company and was arraigned in 2018 on nine-counts of fraud and identify theft. 

  • Throughout 2016 and continuing through June 2017, Radtke executed bank fraud by offering customers the opportunity to buy cars that he did not have in stock from other dealerships. He received up-front payments from customers and their banks, but instead of sending that money to the other dealerships he spent it on business and personal expenses.
  • Radtke also signed the customers’ names on sale documents and loan applications, leading banks to issue loans without the customers’ knowledge. 

State of play: Overall, Radtke’s operations involved at least 48 vehicles and over $2 million in fraudulently obtained goods and funds. 

  • He has been ordered to surrender himself on March 10 to begin serving his sentence. 
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