Empty wine, liquor bottles added to California recycling program

People can start exchanging their empty liquor bottles for cash next week.

Soon cans and bottles won’t be the only things Californians can swap for cash. 

Wine and liquor bottles are added to the state’s Beverage Container Recycling Program next week. 


Driving the news: Once the calendar turns to January, recycling centers will exchange empty wine and liquor containers for cash. 

  • That includes containers that are boxes, bladders or pouches containing wine, distilled spirits, wine coolers or distilled spirit coolers. 
  • The state will also allow Californians to redeem empty large juice containers. 

By the numbers: Containers smaller than 24 ounces will be redeemable for $0.05, with containers that are 24 ounces or larger will be worth $0.10. 

  • Plastic and multi-layer pouches for alcoholic beverages, such as boxed wine, can be exchanged for $0.25.
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