Hurtado bill protecting rural homebuyers signed by Newsom

Home sellers will no longer be able to hide any issues with their water wells.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a law authored by Sen. Melissa Hurtado (D–Bakersfield) that requires home sellers to disclose any issues there may be with their water wells. 

The law, Senate Bill 1366, ensures that rural homebuyers are aware of potential issues and costs that they may face with wells. 


The big picture: Before SB 1366, California law required certain disclosures when selling property, including a Natural Hazard Disclosure and a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure. 

  • State law has never made a requirement for reporting water well failures that resulted in a property receiving tank assistance. 
  • SB 1366 received unanimous support in the Senate and the Assembly. 

What they’re saying: Hurtado said in a statement that the California dream is centered on the ability to own a home. 

  • “For too many families in rural communities, this dream has been shattered when homes they purchase do not have access to safe, affordable water and become reliant on domestic water tanks,” Hurtado said. “No family should move into a home without knowing it might face water shortages and costly repairs. Senate Bill 1366 ensures homebuyers get all the details about any water tank assistance a property has received, helping them make informed decisions and protecting their investment. I’m proud that the Governor has signed this bill, ensuring greater transparency and security for homebuyers across California.” 
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