Gallo hits distribution employees with layoff letters

The Modesto-based beverage giant is shifting key California-based distribution to a new contractor.

Enjoying your glass of Barefoot wine or sipping on a cold can of High Noon?

Soon the distribution of these products will be moved to Texas with Gallo Winery joining the trend of issuing nearly 300 layoffs for their California distribution.


Making headlines: On January 30th, E&J Gallo Winery filed layoffs for 290 California distribution employees just after striking an agreement with Republic National Distribution Co. to distribute products throughout the golden state in retail stores such as BevMo, Total Wine, and more.

  • Gallo Winery layoff notices included 23 employees in Modesto, 93 in Hayward, and the remaining in 5 of their distribution sites across the state. Employees will continue to work until the layoffs take effect on March 12th.
  • While Gallo Winery let go 290 of their loyal employees, they remain hopeful that most of these individuals would receive job offers from RNDC.
  • The new distribution contractor is located in Grand Prairie, Texas and distributes both wine and liquor products to 38 states and the District of Columbia. At this time it is still unsure of the exact number of employees RNDC will hire and what city they will work in as well.

From the sources: With RNDC as the new distributor for Gallo Winery, Chief operating officer Bob Hendrickson is excited to grow his partnership and build more relationships throughout the country.

  • “We are thrilled to be Gallo’s distributor in California,” said Bob Hendrickson in a news release. “Our successful partnership and route to market capabilities have been key in making this next phase of our relationship happen.”
  • “We optimistic that most of our employees at Gallo Sales Co. will be offered positions with RNDC”, shares Spokeswoman Krista Noonan shared in an email sent out Monday.
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