Fresno landlord posts abandonment notices on three Bitwise buildings

Not even the tech firm’s flagship building was spared a pre-eviction notice.

The landlord overseeing three Bitwise Industries outposts in Fresno, including the tech firm’s South Stadium flagship, posted notices of abandonment on Friday.

The company ceased operations after announcing a companywide furlough on Memorial Day.


Driving the news: Notices placed on the company’s South Stadium, Hive, and 41 buildings indicated that Bitwise Industries had not paid rent on the locales in more than 62 days.

  • The notices of belief of abandonment are the first step in the process of formally evicting Bitwise Industries from its properties.
  • Baltara is led by Will Dyck, a longtime business partner of Bitwise Industries.

The backstory: Dyck’s relationship with the firm, however, has grown complicated amid a lawsuit over the sale of a building on R Street, to be dubbed Bitwise State Center.

  • The tech firm ultimately purchased the building for $21 million from a consortium led by Dyck, but not before refusing to pay $150,000 in monthly rent, taxes, utilities, and other fees, required in its lease.
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