Apple to lay off over 600 employees in May

This is the first time post pandemic that Apple is cutting its workforce.

Apple has laid off over 600 employees in California, the first major wave of post-pandemic job cuts by the company.

The tech giant notified employees on March 28 that they would be terminated on May 27. 


Driving the news: There are 614 workers throughout multiple offices that will be laid off next month. 

  • The affected workers were located in eight offices in Santa Clara, but it is unclear which departments or projects they were involved in.
  • Other tech companies such as Amazon, Electronic Arts, Sony, Cisco Systems, and Snap have also undertaken layoffs in recent months.
  • Apple had been an exception to this trend as it had been expanding its workforce during the pandemic, but is now focusing on cost-cutting measures as growth slows.
  • According to a recent regulatory filing, Apple has around 161,000 full-time equivalent employees.
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