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Democrat-backed gas tax holidays? It’s happening, but not in Calif.

As Californians clamor for relief from sky-high gas prices, any hope that Golden State leaders will approve a gas tax holiday and pause the state’s highest-in-the-nation gas excise tax appear to be extinguished.

But the widespread opposition to issuing gas tax holidays isn’t universal across U.S. states, including those dominated by Democrats.

Look no further than New York, per WABC:

Gas prices in the Tri-State area are still well above the national average, but New York drivers will get a little relief starting today.

That’s because effective on June 1, New York is suspending its gas tax for the rest of the year.

Today the state’s 16 cent per gallon gas tax is suspended through the end of the year – and some New York counties are going further.

Rockland County is capping the collection of the local gas tax at $2 a gallon, and Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester counties are setting the per-gallon cap at $3.

Connecticut suspended its 25 cent a gallon gas tax earlier this spring.

Currently, California legislative leaders and Gov. Gavin Newsom are debating direct tax relief to California drivers. Newsom supports  $400 rebate to every registered vehicle owner in the state, with a cap of two vehicles per person.

Democratic legislative leaders, meanwhile, are leaning on a a means-tested rebate at $200 per taxpayer and dependent for joint filers making up to $250,000 and single filers making up to $125,000.

Les Hubbard is a contributing reporter for The San Joaquin Valley Sun.