With 4 Fresno weed licenses left, lawsuits, fraud charges stack up

With four licenses yet to be awarded, what is the future of retail marijuana in Fresno?

What is the future of retail marijuana in Fresno? Seventeen stores are in the process of obtaining conditional use permits, the next step to finally sell the drug legally.

But four licenses are still in play across three different areas of the city.


Two lawsuits, and possibly more, are pending.

One applicant faces fraud charges and has stepped down as CEO of a cannabis corporation.

And, there are complaints about how licenses are awarded, with some people using colorful, four-letter words.

Meanwhile, the City Hall official in charge of Fresno’s cannabis system says the system is a work in progress.

“For being the first one out of the box, 17 out of 21 (to make it through the appeal process)? I’d say we did OK, but it could be improved. So that’s the thing. We’re going to work with counsel to look at the ordinance,”  said Fresno City Manager Thomas Esqueda.

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