Visalia to once again explore OKing cannabis retailers

Cannabis is back on the menu for Visalia.

Cannabis is back on the menu for Visalia. 

Nearly a year after initially shooting down the possibility of opening the door to cannabis operations in the city, the Visalia City Council took a step in a different direction Monday evening. 


Councilman Greg Collins made a request for the council to consider a future agenda item to discuss information related to permitting cannabis dispensaries in Visalia. 

The council approved the request on a 3-2 vote. 

In June of last year, the council voted 2-2 on allowing cannabis-related businesses in Visalia, shooting down the possibility of any retail dispensaries popping up. 

Collins and Councilman Brian Poochigian supported the effort last year and once again voted in approval on Monday. 

Since then, Councilwoman Liz Wynn joined the council, replacing Phil Cox who passed away just one week before the initial vote last year. 

Wynn proved to be the deciding vote Monday as she supported the effort and made it possible for the council to once again discuss bringing cannabis operations to Visalia in the future. 

Collins said he wants to explore the potential for cannabis dispensaries once again after seeing the success surrounding cities are having in the field. 

“Most of the cities around Visalia have implemented amendments to their municipal code to provide dispensaries…” Collins said. 

“Here’s an opportunity to generate some additional funds for the city and be consistent with all our neighbors.”

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