Visalia’s e-commerce boom gets a double dose of Amazon, docs say.

A 1.1 million square foot warehouse in northwest Visalia officially has a tenant.

The mystery of who exactly plans to move into a 1.1 million square-foot warehouse nearing completion in northwest Visalia appears to be solved.

The tilt-up concrete building is located on Avenue 320, about a mile north of Riggin Avenue, on a street that now carries the name Kibler. On Visalia city permits, the address is listed as 8817 W Kibler Ave.


It is located just north of FAT2 — what Amazon’s calls its latest distribution center that opened in August 2021.

Formerly this country lane saw little traffic, but now trucks carrying construction supplies often clog the two-lane road. The building cuts an impressive half-mile silhouette when viewed from the northern entrance of the Visalia Industrial Park.

It prompts many gawkers to ponder “Hey, what’s that?”

Conventional wisdom says it would be another Amazon location, though the Seattle-based e-commerce monolith is typically closed lipped on such matters.

Now, several issued building permits with the address 8817 W. Kibler Ave. list Amazon as the tenant.

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