City busts private Fresno golf club for illegal cannabis

The private club had a burgeoning illegal cannabis operation, although no arrests have been made.

A private golf club in Fresno was busted Thursday for housing thousands of dollars worth of illegal cannabis products. 

Fresno City Attorney Andrew Janz said Thursday that the city teamed up with the California Department of Tax and Fee and the State of California Department of Cannabis Control to raid the club. 


The big picture: Officials served a search warrant at AOA Private Golf Club, located near Fresno Yosemite International Airport. 

  • AOA is not a traditional country club, but rather houses a golf simulator experience and hosts various events with a full-service bar. 
  • Officials found thousands of dollars worth of illegal cannabis, cannabis products and paraphernalia on site. 
  • The city says the illegal operations appear to have been going on “for a significant amount of time.” 
  • The city did not make any arrests at the club, and a criminal investigation is ongoing. 
  • Investigators seized property belonging to AOA, and once the investigation is complete the items that were removed will be eligible for state or local asset forfeiture programs. 

What they’re saying: “The City of Fresno will continue to work with our State partners to target illegal cannabis operations that hurt our legal cannabis industry,” Janz said in a statement. “This latest raid shows that illegal and illicit activities are occurring in all areas of our community, including places that appear reputable at first glance.” 

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