Fresno Co. crops reach record high values, Tulare Co. takes top Ag county crown.

Fresno County continues to post strong agricultural numbers as grapes became the top crop.

Fresno County’s annual crop report is in, and the county continues to reach new heights with the total value of its agricultural production. 

While Fresno County had a record-breaking year in 2022, the overall growth was very slight. Fresno County saw its place as top ag-producing county claimed by Tulare County.


The big picture: Fresno County’s total gross production last year came in at $8,095,546,000. That marked an increase of nearly $10 million from 2021, a 0.12 percent gain. 

  • The report covered 183 different crops, including 77 which had a gross value over $1 million last year. 
  • Grapes took the top spot for the first time since 2012, coming in at a total value of $1.24 billion in 2022. 
  • Almonds, the leading crop in 2021, fell one spot with a value of $1.14 billion. 
  • Pistachios ($706 million), milk ($655 million) and poultry ($538 million) rounded out the top five. 
  • Cattle, tomatoes, peaches, garlic and mandarins ranked sixth through 10th and ranged from $240 million to nearly $490 million in value. 

Go deeper: Fruits and nuts made up the majority of Fresno County’s crops last year, coming in at 55.86 percent of all products produced. 

  • Vegetables ranked second at 15.33 percent, followed by livestock and poultry at 13.07 percent, milk at 8.09 percent and field crops at 4.61 percent. 

Around the world: Canada was the top export country from Fresno County, followed by Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. 

  • Overall, Fresno County delivered its agricultural products to 90 different countries. 
  • Almonds were the top exported product with 4,235 shipments. Peaches placed second at 2,122 shipments, followed by oranges with 1,324 shipments, grapes with 1,160 shipments and raisins with 959 shipments.
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