No. 1 again: Fresno Co. leads nation in crop production for third-straight year, report says.

Despite a global pandemic, farm production in Fresno County is humming and leading the U.S., according to the county’s 2020 crop report.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Creek Fire, and drought, Fresno County farmers continue to defy the odds with innovation and resiliency.

The final tally for 2020 is in, and Fresno County led the nation in crop production value for the third straight year.


County Crops Total Nearly $8 Billion

Overall, the county’s crops totaled $7.98 billion — a rise of $222.09 million or 2.86% from 2019, officials said Tuesday morning.

Those figures reflect gross values and not the net return to growers.

“Fresno County is the food capital of the nation, and the 2020 crop report showcased the many reasons why,” said Fresno County Farm Bureau CEO Ryan Jacobsen in a news release.

“While 2020 was a year that will always be remembered for its shuttered markets, significant price fluctuations, supply chain complications, and workforce challenges, our agricultural community pulled together to continue to feed and clothe people both near and far.”

Leading the production pack among crops in Fresno County were, once again, almonds. The nut delivered $1.255 billion in production value for Fresno County farmers, the 2020 crop report found.

Grapes and pistachios rounded out the top three crops, collectively contributing another $1.8 billion to the Fresno County ag industry.

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