Tulare County boasts record crop report

Crop value in Tulare County has never been higher, thanks in part to higher milk prices in 2022.

Last year vaulted Tulare County to record highs for its agricultural production, bringing in more value than it ever has before. 

The recently released Tulare County Crop Report showed the 2022 gross production value at an all-time high of $8.6 billion. 


The big picture: Tulare County’s $8.6 billion valuation in 2022 was a 6.5 percent increase from 2021, good for an additional $523,000. 

  • Milk is once again the top commodity in Tulare County, bringing in a total value of $2.7 billion. The value of Milk increased by nearly $730,000, a 37 percent gain. 
  • While milk is the No. 1 crop, it is by far the most valuable commodity in Tulare County, over double the next crop. It made up 31 percent of the total crop value in 2022. 
  • The rest of the top five was the same as last year. Oranges came in at $1.3 million, grapes were worth $841,000, cattle was at $763,000 and pistachios were at $443,000. 
  • While pistachios remained the fifth most valuable crop, its value dropped by nearly $120 million from 2021. 
  • Almonds ($345 million), tangerines ($324 million), corn ($295 million), silage ($191 million) and lemons ($165 million) rounded out the top 10. 

All natural: Tulare County had 152 organic growers last year on over 24,000 acres. 

  • Organic nuts and citrus each had over 6,000 acres apiece, while tree fruits were close behind at over 4,000 acres. 

Around the world: Last year Tulare County farmers exported their crops to over 90 countries throughout the world. 

  • South Korea, China, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan took in the most product from Tulare County. 
  • Oranges were the top product exported to South Korea and Japan, pistachios pistachios to China, grapes to Mexico and peaches to Taiwan.
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