Valley voters have a choice for Assembly. It’s time for Tangipa.

“In this era of transformation, the contrast between David Tangipa and George Radanovich is clear,” write two Fresno businessmen for Sun View.

Sun View Op-Ed Contributed by Richard F. Spencer and Bill Smittcamp

Jim Patterson’s legacy in our community stands tall, emblematic of leadership and dedication. As he gracefully retires, we’re poised at a significant crossroads: Who should rise to the challenge, understanding both the legacy left behind and the new vistas that await?


Enter David Tangipa.

In the 90s, George Radonovich served our community in Congress. We commend George for his time, but it’s essential to recognize that Fresno’s rhythm has evolved since then. The challenges, nuances, and dreams of our community now are distinctly different, requiring leadership that’s equally adaptive and grounded.

David Tangipa isn’t just another name on a ballot. He’s our own — born and raised in the Valley, embodying the hopes and dreams of our community. His story is intertwined with ours: from the football fields of Fresno State to serving as a staffer in our local government and as a grassroots activist. David’s roots run deep, informed by the ethos of our neighborhoods. He’s walked our streets, celebrated our victories, and grappled with our challenges. That’s how he’s earned the endorsements of community leaders like Patterson, DA Smittcamp, Sheriff Mims, and countless others. 

In this era of transformation, the contrast between David and George is clear. While George’s tenure was valuable, it belongs to a bygone era. David, on the other hand, mirrors the vibrant, youthful energy of contemporary Fresno. With his deep local connections and fresh perspective, David doesn’t merely understand Fresno; he is Fresno.

Recalling 2016, our community faced a test of spirit as the Fresno State football team recorded a 1-11 record. Yet, by embracing change, we rose from that challenge, shining brighter than ever before. Similarly, in our political arena, we need to make bold choices for transformative results. We firmly believe David Tangipa is that choice — a beacon for our community’s bright future.

For a Fresno that respects its past while passionately pursuing its future, we endorse David Tangipa. We invite you to join us in this new chapter of our shared journey.

Richard F. Spencer is the President and Chairman of Fresno-based Spencer Enterprises, Inc. and Harris Construction.

Bill Smittcamp is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Wawona Frozen Foods.

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